spion cop shirebrook

12 Aug

does anybody fish this set of ponds ? I used to when I was 18-20 ish it used to be members only and when you joined you had a key to the gate at the…

Munch Baits?

2 Aug

Anyone been using these boilies? Wondering what they like as my local is doing 5kg for 31.00

Holdall or Rod Sleeves?

26 Jul

I am looking to buy a new holdall as my Apache is too big but wondering if sleeves would be a better choice as use the barrow all the time so don’t…

Okuma V8 Reels

24 Jul

Just bought 3 Okuma V8s and 2 Daiwa Croscast reels for main rods and marker/spod. Had intention of using the Daiwas on main rods but the Okums feel…

Over complicated BS

23 Jul

I have recently been looking back 20 or so years to my diaries of catches, baits, rigs etc and can’t believe how much iv been taken in by media BS….

Carp rigs for size 12 hooks

25 Jun

Perhaps a strange one but does anyone tie rigs using size 12 hooks?
All the specialist ones seem to be tied for size 6!
Thing is a lot of fisheries…

Fox Warrior XT

17 May

Hi guy’s,

Recently got my hands on a couple Fox Warrior XT’s test curve is 2.75lb and i believe it has a 12lb line on it. Wanted to know what…