Fox Warrior XT

17 May

Hi guy’s,

Recently got my hands on a couple Fox Warrior XT’s test curve is 2.75lb and i believe it has a 12lb line on it. Wanted to know what…

Floater fishing

11 May

Hello, looking at doing some floater fishing next month. Looking around at the different sorts of controller floats available and I’ve also spotted…

Mid range alarms

15 Dec

Fed up of the awful battery life of my pro logic bat alarms and looking for replacement not too worried about a receiver as I am gonna be on top of…

Spod rod or mini spomb?

14 Dec

Can anyone point me in the direction for a decent 10foot spod rod for occasional use?

Or is it possible to cast a mini spomb off a normal…

Condensed Milk

6 Dec

When adding condensed milk to groundbaits in order to create a lasting cloud in the water, do you use it neat or water it down?

Best carp rucksack/carryall

29 Oct

I am looking for a carryall or rucksack or bag to carry my carp tackle(small items-rig wallet, tackle box, leads etc. Any suggestions?