Rod for beginner at fly fishing

12 Aug

Can you recommend a beginner fly rod and reel (currently for a medium small river, fishing for medium to large trout. River isn’t shallow enough to…

Recovering thanks to fishing

26 Jul

I’m sharing my modest experience of how fishing is helping me with physical recovery. And since it’s all about learning a new fishing technique and…

Line capacity question

10 Jul

I’ve just picked up a nice second hand bargain, a Shakespeare Powerplay reel, boxed, spare handle, and 3 spools.
Attachment 7107…

barbell fishing for the beginer

6 Jul

Afternoon all ,

Since now got some more time for myself i would like to do a bit of barbell and chub fishing and never done barblell fishing…

Feeder Reel Advice

30 May

Hi all,

I have just recently got into fishing in the last year or so and currently really enjoy the Feeder set up. I’ve not stepped up to Specimen…

Fishing above a weir

16 May

I’ve been reading a lot on the web about weir pool fishing, but I’ve not come across fishing above the weir.
1) do people not fish above a weir and…

Help with feeder fishing

8 Apr

Hi lads and lasses,

Just looking for a bit of help if it’s possible. I’ve been fishing a few times over the years since I was a kid but have now…