Feeder Reel Advice

30 May

Hi all,

I have just recently got into fishing in the last year or so and currently really enjoy the Feeder set up. I’ve not stepped up to Specimen…

Fishing above a weir

16 May

I’ve been reading a lot on the web about weir pool fishing, but I’ve not come across fishing above the weir.
1) do people not fish above a weir and…

Help with feeder fishing

8 Apr

Hi lads and lasses,

Just looking for a bit of help if it’s possible. I’ve been fishing a few times over the years since I was a kid but have now…

Barbel rods

23 Dec

Hi Guys. Just an inquiry as to whether anyone has had experience of Drennan Martin Bowler big river rods.I use a pair of diawa infinity barbel’s for…

Good starter pole

22 Nov


I’m relatively new to fishing and want to buy a pole but don’t want to spend a fortune . Anyone got any good recommendations?

Best Ways to Learn

18 Oct

Hello everyone,

I’m new to everything and I wanted to get your guys opinion. I recently signed up on this forum to read up on and get a few tips,…

Light feeder/ledgering

8 Oct

Afternoon, I’ve started back fishing this year, I started off float fishing as that’s all I was taught when I was younger and I’m very confident with…