Stradic Ci4+ slack handle

17 Jan

The issue of the reel handle falling of it’s own accord on single handle reels is common to most reels I’ve had. The Ci4+ didn’t when I first got it…

Pure Fishing guarantee

11 Jan

My two Greys Toreon Tactical float rods developed the same problem on Monday. The nose of the reel seat screw came detached from the rest of the…

King George V pool Altrincham

2 Oct

King George V pool is only 1.5mls from me as the crow flies but I’ve never fished it. Does anyone know anything about it? I bumped into the bailiff…

Tiny decision big consequence

20 Aug

I’ve always been of the view that everything you do today changes your future. The impact may only be tiny but there nevertheless.

Sunday I made…

Bib and Brace

7 Jul

I have one of the Aldi bib and braces which is fine in cooler weather but being lined it’s way too warm for the current weather. I prefer to wear one…

Fishing around Morecambe

20 May

Hi. It was only in the final months of my wife’s life that I discovered that her Dad was a mad keen angler back in the mists of time. For Christmas I…

Weight of solder

7 Mar

Just thought this might be of slight interest to some for loading unloaded floats.

1.2mm lead free is .199g/”
1.2mm leaded (which actually…