Rod for perch

29 Jun

Looking at a new rod for my perch fishing. Recently I’ve been using a 6ft 2lb swan off for my perch fish which is fine for trip to local lake if…

Perch sliding float

20 Jun

Can anyone suggest a good sliding perch float for use on fair deep rivers on a paternoster set up with minnows I have pike sliders but there far…

New small bag

26 Jan

After a new small bag for my perching and roaching.
I currently have a 42ltr esp on for my carping and im really happy with it but im sure it…

Mid range alarms

15 Dec

Fed up of the awful battery life of my pro logic bat alarms and looking for replacement not too worried about a receiver as I am gonna be on top of…

Spod rod or mini spomb?

14 Dec

Can anyone point me in the direction for a decent 10foot spod rod for occasional use?

Or is it possible to cast a mini spomb off a normal…

Minnow trap

14 Dec

I’ve tried on several occasions to make a minnow trap but it never works. I’ve been using a plastic bottle and turning the top inside out. Any advice…