New Licence

22 Jan

Just had a screen pop-up saying my licence expires today, yet the expiry date on my licence reads 31 march 2018.
Which is right?

Locslide float

19 Jan

Has anyone tried a locslide float with a method feeder? Will it work?

Braid mainline

27 Dec

I gather it is a bad idea to have braid mainline straight through, Is that so?

Line problem

9 Dec

I want to add 100m of braid to my reel which, at the moment is filled with mono.
Is there an easy way to remove the required depth of mono to…

Low water levels

17 Nov

I live on the very dry South Coast and one of my favourite fishing lakes is about 2ft below its normal level and has been so since spring. It makes…


2 Oct

Is there an optimum hooklength for fishing a bomb?