Dont Trust Them

6 Oct

River trusts, this is what is left of the leat (mill stream) above Powick weir on the river Teme. This small water course was previously home to fish…

Tight Rtchet Button

25 Aug

The ratchet button on my Berwick centrepin is quite tight, it was like this when I got it (used) its not overly tight and I cannot see any damage to…

How Do I ?

13 Jul

As suggested by Simon i have started this thread to try to sort out how to catch the Carp that were in my swim today.

I fish about 20ft out, there…

Anyone Tried These

24 Jun

Image: ( post (

Is this legal

22 May

Saw this contraption on the bay and was wondering if it is even legal to sell them, not a clue how it works. That’s if the link works 🙂


At last something i can use

5 May

For a few years no i have struggled to tie spade ends in the sizes i want to the line strength i want for them due to having a condition that makes…

What was this?

29 Apr

I purchased some ready cooked tares the other day as I was in a hurry and the tackle shop hadn’t got any uncooked ones, the ones I got were black,…

Plastics Again

8 Jan

I have used plastic baits in the past all the usual stuff maggots hemp corn that sort of thing but although I have caught on them all I have never…

Does thye camera lie?

16 Dec

I have been looking back through some old Angling Times and Anglers mail, some of the pictures in them and elsewhere that I have looked at fishy…