25 Mar

For the past 3 seasons i have been a bailiff for a local club,and as luck as had it i have not had any bad experiances with poachers although i have…

How Often?,

10 Jan

I have just respooled new line on my river reels, and was thinking how often do other anglers renew the line on reels or how often do anglers renew…

Moving Threads.

17 Dec

Can someone please explain why my Thread [Ads on this forum] has been moved, and where has it been moved to?

ads on this forum

16 Dec

Having just logged onto this forum, the first of the ads at the bottom of the page was for the RSPB, unbeleivable!!!, one of the most anti- angling…

adverts on F M

3 Dec

These adverts popping up on F M are really p******g me off, no wonder Binka gave up on FM
i am seriously thinking the same as Binka.


17 Nov

Does any one know if Binka is still on FM,or has he packed in, and is on another Forum.


3 Nov

I have a age old question, When does a skimmer become a bream? i always had it in my mind that around 2lb it is a bream, but a lot of anglers say it…

Trent Salmon

24 Oct

Been on the Trent today won’t say where , had a fairly good day not the stuff of dreams but very enjoyable ,fished a favourite peg with the flow to…

Pike on the upper Trent

4 Jul

Is it just me or has there been an explosion of pike numbers in the upper trent,Sunday last i had a five hour session on the trent down stream of…

Ringers Pellets

16 Jun

Is it just me or do other s find that Ringers pellets are really ****,you put them in the pellet pump just has th
ey prescribe and you get to the…