16 Jul

When using flavoured pellets such as band’ums is it better to use fruity or spicy in summer. many thanks.

info needed

17 Apr

Just heard down the grapevine that there is a change of management at a fishery I use (Meadow View, Lymn. Warrington. Has anyone got any info about…

Help pole bungs

2 Dec

I have bought a Daiwa 5.5m extreme margin pole. I also got a spare power top two. When I came to elasticate it with a preston puller bung the bung…


10 Oct

Just because a fishing rod says it is made of carbon composite does that mean they are not up to much??
I have a friend who has one and loves it but…


4 Sep

I have been given 3 universal quivertips. I have seen somewhere that you can sand them down to fit my feeder rod. It says to use wet and dry…


25 Jul

I know if you want to wet feed pellets you cover them in water for ie: 2mm/2mins 4mm/4mins ect. Due you do the same with halibut feed pellets.? Many…

Paste fishing

7 Jun

I’m thinking of fishing paste could you people tell me which hooks are the best for paste.

Please help

20 Apr

I had a few hours yesterday fishing a local commercial. There was literally loads of carp cruising along the surface.
The problem is they have a…


11 Mar

Hi guys
I know hooks are mostly down to personal opinion as I have used kamasan for a long time.
I have been give about 20 assorted pkts of Matrix…

Rod casting weight?

22 Oct

Hi guys
As winter is nearly on us I want to start getting into bomb fishing. I have been given some guru inline bomb weights 36g. But my korum…