Reels and bits

4 Sep

Start of a clear out
For Sale
2 x Daiwa Jupiter Z 2553 reels with 4 spare spools. £30.
A Silstar MX36 B Match reel with 2 spare spools. £15.

Fishing near Eye in Suffolk

12 Aug

I am house sitting near a place called Eye next week. Not far from the river Dove and the Waveney any up to date info on fishing in the area would be…

What is Traditional Angling?

12 Aug

Just been reading about and without wanting to start any arguments what do you see as “Traditional Angling”.
There must be more to it than just…

Fluked fish

2 Aug

Fluke fish, how many of us have like me have fluked our some of biggest fish.
My best Carp just happened to swim past and the dropped a piece of…

Why go Fishing?

31 Jul

—Quote (Originally by daniel121)—
I’m not fishing for anything else now other than pure pleasure.
—End Quote—
Always find it strange…

Line strength and diameter

28 Jul

Quote from another post

—Quote (Originally by John Keane)—
Myself and my friendly local tackle dealer tested the full range with a micrometer…

Royalty and Throop

26 Jul

Trying to get my fishing interest back and I think the best way is to get back on a river.
Looking to visit the places I haven’t fished in years,…

Carp Pollution

1 May

This is not an attack on carp or carp angler just the way fishing is now going.

I have just received newsletters from both of my clubs and they…

Shooting ban, could we next?

27 Apr

With the ban on shooting ‘pest’ birds by Natural England after giving in and bowing down to a challenge by environmentalists can we still consider…

Uncaught fish

24 Apr

Yesterday my wife and I were invited to a private function on a private estate, this estate as a couple of landscape lakes where the fishing is not…