Eric’s angling

24 Jul

Is being bought out but, the report has not said who it is. Which asks the question, who is buying the shop?? Especially as angling direct has opened…

Ad just got bigger

27 Feb

Angling direct have bought chapmans from Glasgow angling. Plus 2 more shops in the midlands. They missed out on fr, I wonder if they will go after…

Lens colours

2 Feb

With all the different colour sunglass colours. Which is best for what level of light??

River fishing

15 Sep

I’m going down south Tuesday and want to do some river fishing and as per usual. I’m over thinking it with where to go and how to fish. My venues are…

I’m baaaaack

15 Apr

Since moving up to cumbria I gave up coarse fishing, well after some bad sea fishing trips . I got the urge to come back and to regain, some mojo. So…