17 Oct

Is a Pellet Waggler rod same as a match rod?

I’ve js been baught a 10ft diawa Pellet Waggler rod

I’ve previously float fished a 13ft shimano…

I. D

9 Oct

Please help. Most look like Roach and have been told that some are different
Little species I’d game lol

Bait ideas

2 Oct

Bait ideas for steady 6ft or so deep canal.
I have a blender and have tried bread and hemp and all I got was yet more Dace, Gudgeon and tiny Roach….

Newbie float question

13 Sep

I get the purpose of some types of floats and their relation to buoyancy and wind and surface tow

But when you purchase a pack of crystal…

Keep net

11 Sep

Recommendations guys? Don’t wanna spend too much. Around £25-£40 would be good

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New to fishing, new to forum

24 Aug

Been fishing for couple months but only drop shot & jigging method on a 7ft fox rage warrior rod with a shimano catana size 1000 reel. Caught plenty…