Coarse closed season to remain

21 Aug

Press release
Close season retained following public consultation
The Environment Agency has decided to retain the current coarse fishing close…

Monster carp

10 Jul

I see the above is back on Thursday night at 8 pm on ITV 4.
Usually good for a watch, the first one there in Croatia, so should be some big carp…

Open all hours.

28 Jun

Attachment 6969 (
Local tackle shop at padiham has been getting some stick, and…

Close season vote results

31 May

From the angling times this week.

Attachment 6792 (

It says the EA are…

Loosing it.

28 Feb

Just spent several hours over the last few days, looking for my Korum weighing scales,searched everywhere they could have been.

Even emptied my…

Changing lines

29 Jan

Already to change lines on one of my reels, thanks to whoever posted this before, just tape end of line to bottle, and spin with electric drill, to…

Landing carp quickly.

27 Jan

YouTube (
I found this last night, pretty amazing to see, it seems to work though, might give it a try later in the…

Loop tyer

21 Nov

I was tying some rigs up for my new margin pole yesterday, and found I was struggling to tie the figure of eight knot I usually use to tie loops.