Helicopter rigs

22 Aug

I meant to mention this in my recent HDYGO post. Spent a while doing something quite alien to me today, feeder fishing. Fishing primarily for roach I…

The Silver Bream

21 Aug

I never knew such a species existed. A beautifully made video that almost has me liking……. bream:omg:

YouTube (https://youtu.be/5DcjGkHv9qk)

The New Fox Easy Brolly

16 Aug

I’m quite tempted, best price £110 which is expensive for a brolly but cheap for a bivvie?

Know little about Fox products, any opinions?


Fishing a tidal river

10 Aug

What are your views, methods, theories regarding fishing a tidal river. A preference for fishing the ebb, flood or both?

Explanation please

3 Aug

Just seen these floats on the bay and am curious to know how they work.


Tips on Tares

11 Jul

I’m sure there are many references here but I’m being a lazy so and so.

Any tips please on the preparation of tares, type and size of suitable…