The Rising Antenna book

5 Sep

The Rising Antenna – a waggler mans journey
By Jim Baxter
I’ve read it once and it’s a good read if your interested in waggler fishing especially…

Record keeping

29 Jul

Hi who keeps records of their catch and to how much detail do people go into?
Ive been thinking of keeping a journal of my fishing catches etc. And…

Fishing above a weir

16 May

I’ve been reading a lot on the web about weir pool fishing, but I’ve not come across fishing above the weir.
1) do people not fish above a weir and…

Spool repair

9 Dec

Managed to scuff the spool on my Daiwa Ninja today, lines now catching on the rough edge while I’m trotting.
Anyone had any success in smoothing…

Help with how to tackle a weir

13 Jun

Found a lovely looking weir that says fish me. Now I’ve not properly fished a river in donkeys years and I’ve never fished a weir. Could someone give…

Anyone a member of Wreak A.C ?

24 May

Hi looking for some information on the waters held by Wreake A.C particularly Slash Lane Silvers Lake & the lake at Newton Harcourt. Normal info how…