KJS Aston Farm / Aston Springs

14 Oct

For the love of god can someone tell me the difference between the two?
I inadvertently pulled into KJS and found some ponds surrounded by chaw…

Spion Kop Warsop

9 Oct

Off to Spion Kop at Warsop at some point, anyone have any tips on baits, pond to fish, presentation etc not looking for silvers.
would like some…

Quarry Dam fisheries

7 Oct

Again, anyone fish this place, I see it has some good sized fish in it but any tips on baits ect would be useful thanks.

Lump hunting on a commercial

29 Sep

I’m going to be fishing Aston fisheries at some point soon and on one of their ponds they have carp to 30lb+.
Now, I don’t necessarily want one that…