Fish spotting.

30 Aug

I’m sure I’m not the only one that when they pass a body of water larger than the average puddle can’t help but wonder or have to take a look to see…

Best customer service ever.

12 Jul

I must be on a high dosage of clumsy pills lately. I not only broke the tip off on my acolyte plus I also managed to break a nearly new Abu 507 mk2….

Mini Baitrunners

21 Jun

I’ve just ordered a pair of the Shimano x aero 2500 FA from Angling Direct. I wonder if any of you guys had the same reels or if there were any known…

Turtle Beans

9 Jun

Has anyone tried Turtle Beans? I have had trouble getting hold of tares . I’ve tried Urid Beans with some success but I saw these in Tesco’s and they…

Bury Hill Fisheries.

15 May

I am planning a trip to Bury Hill Fishery tomorrow (Wednesday) I intend to fish Milton for crucians and roach. I wondered if anyone had fished it…