Size of Bait for Roach??

31 Aug

I would appreciate you thoughts on this. Usually when fishing specifically for roach I use quite big baits – typically big bits of flake or punched…

Homemade Throwing Stick

1 Aug

A couple of weeks ago I made a homemade throwing stick from a section of old fibreglass landing net. This is most certainly not a new idea (they…

Liquidised Bread Machine

13 Apr

My Kenwood Food Mixer (it was the wife’s but I pinched it) has packed up.

Can anyone recommend a replacement – it will see a lot of use! Thanks.

Fry in February!?

14 Feb

Today my wife and I went for a walk along a flowing stretch of the K&A canal (upstream the river Kennet joins). We were surprised to see loads of…

Sealing Balsa

30 Jan

Over the years I have made dozens of floats but I don’t use a balsa sealant – I just prime and paint them. I don’t bother to varnish them either. …

Best Lubricant for Centrepin?

20 Dec

My centrepins are well overdue for a service. I normally use either automatic transmission fluid or sewing machine oil. Any better alternatives? …

Use of Keep Nets?

1 Dec

Although I do have a keepnet I have not used one for many, many years.

I am reluctant to use one and prefer to just gently release straight back…

Bronze Maggots – Staining?

18 Oct

I bought some bronze maggots (usually use white or sometimes red) and they have stained my right hand – it looks like I am an extremely heavy smoker!…

Urid Beans

12 May

Has anyone tried ‘urid beans’ for roach instead of using hemp? Did they work, what did you catch and how did you cook them?


I’ve bought…