Choosing a bivvy?

15 Nov

I am looking to purchase a two man bivvy that will stand up to anything. I have no knowledge of bivvys so im hoping the specimen anglers among you…

Sydney avenue.

8 Nov

Can any one offer up some advice on catching a barbel out of this place? Swim advice and or bait advice most welcome.

Have I been ripped off?

3 Nov

I just went into a tackle shop and asked for a heavy duty spinning rod and left with a wynchwood riot cork 10ft 3lb tc… It doesnt look like a…

Mark erdwin

26 Oct

If you havent seen his videos you should go check them out. YouTube (

Uk record fish.

11 Oct

Am I the only one who is sad to see that most of the british record fish are caught from stillwaters? I feel like this is cheating, anyone could have…


17 Sep

Im off to a secluded spot of the Avon at Stratford today and camping in order to be there at the crack of dawn tomorrow. I am a bit worried about…