Water Temperatures

28 Aug

Now that we’ve got rid of that unbearable summer heat (shame!) and the water will soon be cooling down, I’m wondering what use people make of water…

Bait Staying Fresh?

14 Aug

Mike, when you say fresh corn goes off quickly, what kind of time period do you mean? I’ve always found tinned corn lasts the day ok. I usually…

Rod Quivers

19 Jul

I’ve got a couple of quivers for carrying made-up rods, a Drennan and an NGT, and they’re ok but have one fault in common. If you put rods with…

Quick-change connection?

21 Jun

I’m looking for ideas for a barbel rig, but I’ve put it here as the Barbel section doesn’t get visited much, and it’s not exclusive to any one…

River Pollution

27 May

Several posters on FM regularly draw attention to chemical pollution of rivers and inadequate sewage treatment. This article was in the paper today…

FM Feature Archive

9 Apr

I have a twin-top Avon – Shimano Technium Specialist – and I notice there was a review of this and the lighter Technium Quiver in FM in January 2001….

Plastic Float Boxes?

10 Mar

Have seatboxes with trays made the old-style boxes obsolete? I’ve been keeping mine in tubes, but I don’t like the way you have to get them all out…

Seen floats like these?

28 Dec

I’m trying to find some pole floats like these. I can’t remember where I got them. They have either K4 or K9 marked on them, and each has a crosshair…