Braid Twist !!

21 Nov

Hi all,
It was time to re -spool my dropshot reel. I’ll admit I’ve made a right mess. It’s more twisted than a schoolgirls knickers!
Is there a fix…

Pike Jig-Flies

7 Oct

Hi All, I remember a couple of years ago reading about a guy making ( and possbly selling) weighted pike jig- flies. Would love to give ’em a go on…

Stalking Rod ?

19 Mar

What would be wrong with using a 7-8ft boat rod 12-20lb class for close-in snaggy margin carping ? Where it’s potentially a hook and hold situation. …

Worms on a hair

11 Feb

Anyone know a way to hair rig worms, but without those little plastic stop thingys. Got a perch trip coming up and I believe THE bait is lobs, like…

Cyprinus Ebay auctions?

11 Nov

Any of you guys bidding on their 99p auctions ?
I’ve been beaten 6 times in the last week. Even though I feel like I’m sniping in right on the last…