17 Sep

Hi, i bought this rod quite a while back and haven’t really used it yet. As i’ve been targetting rivers lately for barbel and chub. I know it’s only…

Pellet mash

24 Aug

Thinking of trying it for barbel soon on my local river, just wondering if anyone has experience with it. Planning on using it with a cage feeder. Or…

Lure fishing in October

12 Aug

I’m heading down to Brixham at the end october and was thinking of having a go on lures. I was looking at going on the breakwater, would i be wasting…

New to river angling

22 Jul

Last week i had my first go at angling on the river, although i didn’t catch anything i did have a few knocks. The river i fish is the Anker which…

Helicopter rig for chub

11 Jul

Looking at going the river this weekend for the first time, as i’ve only really ever fished lakes. I normally like to fish for the tench in…

Lakes around Burnham On Sea

10 Jun

Hello, im stopping here soon at Burnham-on-Sea Holiday Village, I’m considering fishing at the lakes on site. But does anyone else have any…

Helicopter rig

12 Apr

Just had a thought when fishing the heli rig a bare swivel can damage mono line. So i was thinking of using pulley swivels like they do in sea rigs….

Replacing trebles with singles

28 Mar

Hi, recently bought some 7cm hard lures which come with 2 treble hooks on, I’m just wondering if anyone could help me finding out a single hook…