Buying hemp seed.

12 Apr

I need to stock up with hemp (unprepared) for the coming season, now living in the back of beyond I have to purchase in bulk and online. Over the…

Worst monofilament lines?

11 Jul

Perhaps unsuitable would be fairer, but there are often threads for ” best line” so what do you avoid like the plague and why?

I found a spool of…

Bent floats

18 Apr

Rumaging in my float box – first stillwater outing tomorrow – I noticed that many of my crystal waggler type floats are bent, like a banana!


Backing on reels.

21 Feb

Leading on from the Match Spools thread, what do people use for backing on deep spools with light lines?

I’ve tended to put old line on the spool…

The future of angling?

4 Feb

Following the “otter thread”, which is now getting nowhere, I thought perhaps we should think about where angling is going for the next generation….

Groundbait for trotting.

13 Jan

Say I’m trotting mid river (Severn, Wye) in winter with maggots, looking for roach, chub, dace, grayling or whatever. A mid pace swim around 8ft…

Dropping in..

28 Oct

A quick hello from mid Wales, just logged on and hope to contribute over time and benefit from others experience. I’m retired and a lifelong angler,…