Shotting for a stick float

11 Sep

I plan to go on the river, a shallow one about 2′ to 4′ and have some 4,5and 6g stick floats. What would be the likely amount of shot needed for…

Minor tackle

8 Sep

I came to the conclusion thst both pairs of Scissors I was using were c***. I think both pair came free with something else. I had tried to sharpen…

Esterfruit/ esterberyy boilies

23 Aug

I have spoken to a few Anglers on my current favourite water about catching the elusive tench and the best bait to do so. I will get some worms later…

Best butt rest for floater fishing

19 Aug

I have a variety of rod rests and butt rests. For months I have been using a Nash butt rest which has a cam type lock which operates when the handle…

Floater fishing

4 Aug

I pondered about putting this post in the carp section but decided the method was not exclusively for carp or even still waters. Yesterday and…

The fishing tackle market

22 Jul

I often wonder what the turnover is of manufacturers for particular markets and how it breaks down between rods for particular countries.