Lad drowning at Sandwich

22 Aug

I know the river here, if it was ebbing or flooding he would have been swept away in no time time at all, he had clothing on which would have have…

Shorter rod thoughts.

21 Aug

I use a 12ft float rod most of the time but I am having second thoughts, often too long in cramped situations and do I really need all that rod….

Bread, types, usage?

19 Aug

I know there’s been plenty of threads on this but to see what’s the latest thinking thought to have a thread.
I bought an ordinary fresh farmhouse…

Spliced salmon rod

1 Aug

Came across a rod yesterday the likes I have never seen before which is why I bought it as much as anything else. It was £22 by Playfair of Aberdeen…

Always worth a look!

29 Jul

And I have often said that, stopped off on the way home at a station, one of those where if you miss the announcement you step off onto the railway…

What is the best all round pellet?

11 Jul

There will be too many criteria for this but I will give it a go. I have never used pellets or a hair rig come to that, just never liked the idea but…

North Sea Cod in danger again

1 Jul

According to one newspaper article I read yesterday and it’s scientists saying this, they reckon its critical. Was it 3 years ago the EU declared…

My reel keeps falling off!

1 Jul

I have this rod which has been great for about 10 years but the reel keeps falling off; yesterday it fell off about 4 times and I want to do…

Should I fish after a match?

17 Jun

30 blokes come down from up north somewhere and fish a competition on the river. They all use poles and fish the middle of the river which is about…

Tony Robinson “The Thames”

14 Jun

Watched an episode of this and roach were leaping clear of the water after flies. Small white flies, hundreds of them; not sure what they were but…