Which Pole side puller

25 Jul

I want to fit a side puller to my top kits.

I have reinforced the top kits ready for a pulla, but find the lack of information of what size the…

Tying Elastics to Connector

12 Jul

Tying Elastic to a Connector.

Read some years ago that the off the shelf connectors can bite into your Elastic, then making it weaker.


Summer Carp Paste Ingredients

19 Feb

Seen a Recipe for a Summer Carp Paste,

made up of Plain flour, Corn flour, Salt, Sugar, Strong coffee, Caramel flavouring all kneaded to a stiff…

Graphite Poles ??

18 Jan

Are Graphite poles as heavy as some say. ?

As a OAP I can’t afford silly money for a Carbon Pole.

Seen a Daiwa Tornamax 13mtr pole advertised…