the Tern

23 Feb

Well i actually got chance to pop down the lane to the river Tern today at last having now moved to Market Drayton ( lovin it )
I did not fish…

Evening all a question

19 Jan

It is looking like i may be moving very shortly to Market Drayton the place i hope to move to is basically at the top of Bottom lane i think it is…

Managed to bust a rod

29 Dec

Hi Folks ..

Well not happy at all one of my favorite rods a Wychwood Power float 13′ 1lb rod i managed to break the middle section dont ask…

New to me reel

9 Dec


Just landed me an Abu Garcia gold max 507 MKII today .
Not sure of their reputation but it feels nice so far i noticed twin pickup…

Opinions Please

26 Aug

Afternoon all ..

I picked up one of these on Saturday

Model: Grauvell SPECIALIST LT
Test Curve [lbs]: 1.10
Length [m]: 3.40

FM forum hats

27 Jun

Hi .

Where how can i get a hold of a new FM hat as mine seems to have growm legs and legged it . not fished much recently for a few reasons (…

DAnnnnnngggg Computers

2 Mar

Well afternoon folks im back .

Not only is the weather doing for me but it seems most of my electronics are having a dig as well .

I am a…

Not a thing done

10 Feb

Well not put hook in water for a couple of weeks now .
Hope to get out for a while tomorrow , but time hs not been totally wasted now have…

Tis the season

15 Jan


Well watch it folks tis the Noro Virus season just recovering from a vist of said bug 🙁

PG …