Hardy Specimen Rod

19 Dec

I am looking for a Hardy Marksman Supero 3 piece 12 ft Specimen rod.

This is the rod: Hardy Marksman Supero Specimen Rod 12ft…

Korum XL Quickstops

2 Nov

Do Korum XL Quickstops have a larger eye than the normal ones thereby allowing a larger diameter line to be used for the hair and hooklength as well…

Rigging a Whip

8 Aug

A Chinese friend of mine has sent me two of what I presume are “whips”. They are ringless telescopic rods without a reel seat and are 5.30 metres…

Rod ring advice

19 Feb

I am having a carp rod built on a Harrison’s Ballista 3.25 tc blank. The builders are suggesting Free spirit S lite rings in the double leg version,…

Hardy demon spinning rod

28 Jan

Has anyone any comments about, experience with or general wisdom about a Hardy Demon spinning rod?

It’s all a bit too late really because in a fit…

Carp Rod question: Colour?

5 Dec

Hello to everyone

Is it possible to buy full cork handled carp rods in any other colour than black, or is that definite cause to be stoned to…

A swim full of tiddlers?

12 Nov

I was surfing the net looking for how to fish rivers in Bangladesh when I came across this. The next time PC, the Runner et al find themselves faced…