Spook Free!

12 Aug

Our ‘Bait Activators’ are designed to make your bait better..
SAC™ juice’s are NOT FLAVOURS – they are REAL Extracts!

Too many fish…???

29 Mar

Some folk here on Fishing Magic have their favourite species and will actively target them, myself included. Others don’t care what they catch as…

When I die…

7 Mar

I will leave all my fishing tackle, workshop tools, inventions, IP and royalties to PDSA!

I like dogs better than humans.

Skrettings UK closure!

31 Jan

Letter reads:
Dear web shop customer,

It is with sincere regret that we write to inform you that Skretting UK will cease trading on 30th April…

Chick peas

27 Sep


Apparently not everyone knows this, but chick peas are in fact real peas. (Honest)
I can confirm that all peas (all varieties) have…

Is size important?

25 Sep

Lets face it lads… when it comes to catching I like the bigger girls more than a Jack… though I think it’s important to match what you got to…