Setting yourself a challenge.

9 Feb

I was given this reel and set the challenge of catching as big a fish as possible on it. Here is the quick vid on how I get on. Pretty successful in…

Catching Squid.

9 Feb

Here’s a quick vid on how I like to fish for squid and the rigs/lures I use.

Great mixed shore session

27 Jan

My little girl and I had a great session from the shore the other day. Adapting to the situation and mixing things up a bit brought us some cracking…

Winter shore fishing

14 Jan

Here is a vid from a recent shore session with my little girl. We fished a local rock mark and had some nice fish. I explain all our baits, rigs and…

Sea fishing – Boat and shore

18 Dec

Hi lads, new to the forum and thought I’d share some of what I know. I am an avid saltwater angler and have started doing educational youtube videos…