Whitty the Ivel

9 Sep

Whitty I walked from Henlow to Jordans Mill. I could see the bottom a lot of the time. Silty grey colour. My son in law caught a lot of crays from…


15 Aug

Has anyone had experience of the OCTOPLUS seat boxes or seat please. Thats the complete box .

Loosing fish River Trent

8 Aug

This is about the rocks on the river Trent.
I spoke to anglers recently who had lost some barbel to the rocks. They were initially casting over…

method feeders

23 Jun

Despite fishing for a year or two it is only recently I have been using a method feeder. I have caught on it and it seems to be the way to go on…

Just wondering if…..

19 May

After reading the latest post by PC in HDYGO where he thought the carp and tench might be spawning and the silvers were difficult, I wondered if all…

How far do you travel

2 Mar

This last week on the river I have spoken to three anglers that have travelled from..


I know some on here…

A confession

23 Feb

I confess I am a hopeless fishing enthusiast. I like all sorts of fishing. I like variety.

From time to time a discouraging remark pops up about a…

fish are strange.

18 Feb

This got me thinking and wondering today.

As per HDYGO thread I caught. Silvers and carp. The water in the pond (I can’t be generous enough to…