Whitepost Lakes, Dorset

4 Sep

My club now have access to these two lakes which are part of the Todber Manor fishery. Anybody fished it and can tell me what it’s like?

I’ve got…

Fishing seat/chairs.

31 Aug

I have a dodgy back, and yesterday while out fishing I managed to throw it out again while trying to get out of my chair. I have a very old but…

Warminster area

2 Oct

Hi guys,

Not been around much as we’ve been concentrating on finding somewhere to live now we’ve sold the house. Looks like we are going to end…

Pondwood Lakes for Cats?

20 Aug

Anybody fished Pondwood Lakes?

I’m interested in having a go for some Catfish, as I’ve never caught one before. This place isn’t too far from…

River Wye @ Symonds Yat

12 Aug

Just a quick note about this place. My wife and I went to the Morgan factory in Malvern on Saturday, and as our son lives in Bristol we thought…

Replacement Line

1 Aug

I wan to replace line on 4 of my reels, it’s all a couple of years old now and they all have 2 spools each.

My Baitrunners – I want 12lbs & 8lbs…