pile of poo

29 Oct

sorry to say it lads but this forum is a pile of poo!

not the content but the software(is that the right name)… for me know unless I’m at work…

wye freezing up

2 Mar

just looked on the webcam at Hereford and there’s icebergs floating down the bloody river!

Farson Digital Watercams – Hi-def webcam on River Wye,…

ea weir permit

6 Feb

I was thinking of getting one for this year on the thames, but looking at the maps the areas you can now fish in the pools hardly seem to make it…

Thermal waders

4 Feb

Anyone remember mukluks thermal waders, they were thigh length with an insulated inner liner. Pretty much like a standard thermal boot today.


Okuma centre pins

10 Jan

Very few about nowadays, looking around the range seems to have got smaller.

What is there current range? just after something for general light…

single species specialist

7 Dec

if you had to be one which would you choose?

for me it would have to be roach. Possibly one of the toughest to be if you want to get close to a…