The Method to the Method Feeder

22 Jul

Hi guys,

I have recently started trying to use the method feeder for carp but I am having some difficulty actually hooking into anything. I use a…

Pike Rod Suggestions

7 Mar

Hi all,

I’m currently using my Ugly Stik GX2 for lure fishing and often pop a deadbait on, too. I am however looking for a deadbait rod as some…

Nottingham Canal Pike

23 Feb

Hi all,

I’ve lure fished the Nottingham canal a few times and not caught a single pike, although a large one came up for my lure once. I’ve fished…

River Derwent – Pike

23 Dec

Hi all,

So I’m back in the north east for Christmas and brought my fishing tackle, of course. I saw a stretch of the serpent down from the…

Winter Fishing Tips

17 Dec

Hi all,

I’ve been doing a bit of waggler fishing lately and also some pike fishing (lures and wobbled deads) and have had no success for the past…

What am I doing WRONG!?

18 Nov

Okay, so a month ago I caught my first pike and was ecstatic! Since, I haven’t caught a single fish, I’ve been out every weekend, not one! Today I…

After a Pike Attack

8 Nov

Hi all,

I’ve continued to lure fish for pike and I’ve had one, which I was so pleased with, such a buzz! Since, however, I’ve had a few pike…

Pike – Victoria Embankment

3 Nov

Hi all,

Does anyone know if the Victoria Embankment stretch of the Trent holds many pike? I’ve thought about doing some lure fishing and dead…

Beginner Baitcaster?

26 Oct

Hi all,

I want to purchase a baitcasting rod as I want to start doing a bit more lure fishing. Has anyone got any suggestions for around £50? I…

Pike Newbie!

22 Oct

Hi all,

Yesterday I went for pike for the first time using some soft weighted lures with single hook on back. on my first cast along the bank a…