New Float line. Short time reveiw

28 Nov

I say this is a short time review of 2 months but seeing as i fish 4 to 6 times a week it is probably for some a long time test. I only river fish…

Rod rings

14 Nov

Broke the tip ring off my rod this morning. Hands up all my fault. Does anyone know what make of rings Preston use on their Equis float range?….

The price of hooks

18 Oct

Looking today to purchase some new course hooks. My favourite hooks for river fishing are Drennan Specimen Hooks and for the lighter hooks, i like…

Landing pole problems

24 Sep

I have a landing pole that has the wrong size thread size. I believe i need a 3/8 sized thread for standard nets. Where can i buy an adapter or a nut…

Another pin purchase

24 Sep

I have a thing about center pins. Not the old valuable pins such as Ariel’s etc but cheap newer ones. My favourite one is a TFG Free Flow which i…

Drennan Dfift beater

23 Sep

Bought some old floats at the Booty this morning. 2 of the floats are Drennan Drift Beaters. Same as in the picture below. Never used this style of…

The good old days

20 Sep

Gone fishing from 1963
YouTube (
And this one from 1962
YouTube (

stick and Waggler lines

20 Sep

50 years ago i started to learn how to fish. My training grounds or should that waters were the rivers and streams in the South East of England….

Roach rod advice

18 Sep

Am after a rod for Roach, Rudd and small silvers. 11ft to 13ft in length. 99% to use on small ponds. Using 2lb to 3lb main lines. Now i haven’t…