nitinol pole floats

15 Aug

Hello everybody.
Now they have been out a while what are peoples views on the nitinol stemmed pole floats.
Thank you.

new landing net?

12 Jun

Hello everyone.
I am in the market for a new landing net.
The last 2 i have had have been the ones with quite a large mesh so hair rigs are easy to…

stotz ?

26 May

Hello everyone.
I am getting ready to replace a few tubs of preston stotz but there seems to be less and less in them.
Does anyone use another…

rig and hook length line.

31 Mar

Hello everyone, i have just found out that garbolino have stopped making garbo line.
I have used this line for about 4yrs now for main rig pole…

map p series acs reel?

9 Dec

Hi everybody.
Have any of you used the map p series acs reel and what are your opinions on them.
Any advice and information would be much…

pole confusion.

19 Oct

I was 60 this year and thought i would treat myself to a new pole ( £700-£900).
This was in august.
I have had my currant pole ( shimano exage ax)…

end peg?

9 Oct

Hi lads and lasses.
Not being a match angler i was just wondering what the advantage is of having an end peg.
If the pegs to your right are empty i…