Bread punch,

23 Oct

How are people making their bread punch hook baits please?



Wild Venues.

7 Aug

I’ve been trying to think of any wild venues for fishing near me. Not rivers but lakes, ponds or reservoirs that have not been stocked. ( I know most…


1 Aug

Are whips worth buying, if so what length when buying just the one?


Nice new reel.

24 Jul

I got a Cadence reel today 4000 CS10, very nice. So light I honestly thought the box would be empty. Its made of carbon fibre, magnesium (or…

Upside down floats?

9 Jul

Has anyone tried the Chubber floats, bottom end only. If so and when, I’m interested in trying it, shallow swims I’d guess with biggish baits?

Choice of the two please?

7 Jul

14′ Acolyte ultra or 14′ Matchpro ultra.

I’m on the point of buying and as they are almost the same price, I wonder if the Matchpro is a little…