Those distinguished fish.

20 Sep

They can be of any species, and are often very ”attractive”, novel if you will. I have slides and photo’s of some very odd colourations and…

Buy in haste.

18 Sep

This was brought home to me recently during a conversation with a couple of guys who described to me purchases from ebay not living up to…

What is it.

13 Sep

That distinguishes the angler who is recognised for his catches when compared to your average angler?

my belief is that often those guys put much…

A bitter pill to swallow.

10 Sep

To be made aware of the decline of a favourite water that has held special memories for a number of years.
One such water was a small drain in…

Expectation vs Realisation.

7 Sep

As anglers I think it’s fair to say that we will all prepare to varying degrees for our next impending outing, hoping for that elusive ”Red letter…

In what way.

5 Sep

Will this brutally hot Summer impact on Autumn and Winter fishing?

Weed growth both on the bankside and beneath the water will obviously create…

The measure of a true friend.

5 Sep

Having written recently about my enthusiasm to get back on the bank now the heatwave is losing its grip, I was encouraged even more this past Sunday….

My longest break ever.

31 Aug

That is in over 60 years of fishing.

The current weather played a major role in my decision, ”I hate excessive heat”, but now I sense a change….

Any angling ambitions left?

4 Feb

I suppose this will apply to those with a few miles on the clock. There’s no doubt some will say just to carry on fishing. That may be true, but I’m…