New or second hand

1 Sep

My son has started buying a lot of second-hand kit when he decides to bite the bullet, in particular expensive kit like seatboxs and poles. Which…

Hooklength size

28 Aug

I know nowadays the modern way of fishing and has been for some time is so use a really short uniform hook link, Even when match carp fishing. As…

NG elastic

27 Apr

I would just like to say thank you Nick once again for the great service and quality of you’re product.

Many will know I used to be a regular on…

Big canal roach

6 Mar

Hi guys,

Thanks to another Dave I have came arross this video, after watching his is nostalgic video over my morning cup of tea, the next…

Stumbled accross this article

19 Feb

Hi guys,

I’m not doing much fishing at the moment, you’ll know when I am because I’ll be all over the forum :rolleyes::eek:

I have a smart…

Tribal fishing

20 May

The thing that always amazes me is how tribal fishermen have become. Here’s some typical quotes I hear not on here but in general around fisherman’s…

Consumerism in fishing

11 May


Seat boxes, I predicted a few years ago that we are being conditioned to pay more and more for our tackle. Look at the extortionate rises in…