Swap Unused 9′ Feeder rod

8 Sep

Cadence CR10 9′ Feeder rod. Brand New unused, 3 tips.
4 Hybrid feeders, 150 metre spool 6lb Renflo feeder.

All brand new never seen water, bought…

Feeder rods

26 Jun

Rarely ever fish a feeder, as I prefer to trot a float.

But for those dog days looking for a feeder rod for the river, but I want three piece rod…

A Long Shot

25 May

Does any body make a Rod ready style rod bag for either 13′ or 14′ 3 piece rod with a external pocket for bank sticks and a landing net handle

13′ float rod

19 May

I asking for a young lad in the village, hes looking for his first float rod. He been able to save up £80 for a new rod and any suggestions.


Getting itchy hands

15 May

Reloaded new lines on my spools ready for the coming season, bought new hooks and shot and landing net. Walked the banks on a fish spotting recce….

Rod ready style holdall

22 Feb

I looking for rod ready style bag, looking for one that has bank stick, landing handle net pocket attached. Wanting it for my 13′ and 14′ rods….

Spliced tips

4 Feb

Been fishing with old school mate and I used his old Diawa rod with spliced tip and really enjoyed trotting with it, not used one since glass fibre…

Hook Tier

10 Jan

Which is the easier hook tier to use?

The Drennan or the Matchman

Drennan Acolyte 13′ Ultra

20 Nov

Last Saturday went up into Wensleydale for a spot grayling trotting on the river Ure, pleasant day caught 18 plus and a couple of small 1lb chub….


3 Nov

I have a Cadence 14′ 2# match float rod, used once for a hour, plastic still on handle. Just to long for the becks I fish. 13′ is ideal in length and…