River waggler advice

19 Jul


This season on the Severn at Bridgnorth, I have really enjoyed fishing the float. I have mainly fished the stick, holding it back,…

Method feeder advice

21 Mar


With the close season in effect, I have been looking for still water venues to fish. I have access to a small pool (more of a pond really),…

Winter Chub Fishing Advice

6 Dec


I fancy having a bash trying to target Chub on the Severn at Bridgnorth.

I have picked up a few decent chub this season, but they have…

River lure fishing advice

18 Nov

Hello there,

This year I have been trying to diversify my fishing, and I want to try and catch my first pike.

I will be fishing the middle…

River Perch Advice.

29 Sep


I am looking to target perch on the River Severn at Bridgnorth.

I could do with some advice on the best approach, if anyone has any to…

River Waggler Fishing Advice.

28 Jun


This season I have decided to give float fishing a try on my local river, the Severn. I had my first go this week fishing at Bridgnorth,…

Feeder Fishing Advice

5 Apr


After some great advice on this forum, I ended up with a Shimano Forcemaster and a matching baby baitrunner reel.

I went to test it out…