Drennan Acolyte question?

27 Jun

Are the acolyte feeder rods among the rods reported to be braking or is it just the float rod that have the problem?

The rod Im thing of buying…

Starting fly fishing help please

3 Jun

Sorry for all the questions

I want to start fly fishing on ponds for trout 2lbs up. And the river Derwent for trout & grayling i wont be casting…

Free Shimano Beastmaster

27 May

I have a Shimano Beastmaster CX Commercial 10ft float Rod (model BMCX10CFL) the rod is under 2 years old

The rod is* FREE* all I am asking is…

Spomb or spod

30 Oct

I fish the Trent around shardlow aria for roach & chub with float or feeder

I want to lay a bait trail or feed bait, maggot, small pellet, hemp, a…

Uncooked tares

2 Sep

I have been given a bag of uncooked tares I have google how to prepare them with different answers

One says soak them over night for 12 hours…