Roving and minimum gear

5 Apr

so the fishing I enjoy is roving with minimal tackle on local rivers and streams however with the close season in forced to rush canals and lakes….

Name the river!

2 Apr

Simple really…I’ll give one hint and all you have to do is name the river.
Every correct answer will be edited in. Some may be easy others shall…

How many reels?

26 Feb

Following on from the rod thread, how many reels do you own?
Bonus points for centrepins :wh

Personally, as I’ve only just started back up my…

Drennan line indicators

22 Feb

This might be a long shot but does anybody have a spare line indicator for a drennan reel, specifically 2.6lb on a FD compact reel as I have…

Close season fishing

17 Feb

As the upcoming close season draws nearer, I was wondering what you river anglers are going to fish for until June?

I’m actually indecisive on…