River float collection?

16 Sep

A bit subjective but what floats would you include in an all inclusive ‘river collection’ to suit your own fishing?

From slacks and eddies to fast…

Wire stemmed stick floats

16 Sep

A firm favourite of mine and pretty much iconic since their commercial inception around the early eighties, where they began emerging sporting names…

Livebaiting for Perch

9 Sep

This is meant as quite a general discussion in that anything related is very welcome, I’ve spent the morning making up a few relatively fine…

Venue apathy

3 Sep

It’s been a funny old season so far, with the rivers and some stillwaters suffering from low water and/or dissolved oxygen levels.

I’m faced with…

Species sanitisation

23 Aug

Why has today’s angler become so obsessed with species ‘sanitisation’?

I’m being deliberately provocative here and use a term which I deem, in…

Low water tactics and tweaks

1 Jul

I’m hoping that this will become a topical one considering the current run of weather that we are (in the main) enjoying.

Over the years, what…