carp behaving badly

1 Sep

this last 2 weeks the carp fishing has been great but they have been a bit lively in the net

I usually unhook mine by holding the net between my…

The Bracket interview

24 Jul

The Bracket Interview
Pete and I met on a fishing forum about 10 years ago , since then we have swapped music , fishing tips ( well one of has )…

screensaver of my mind

22 Jul

Probably just me but I like to blot out the voices in my head when fishing ( burn em all ) with some music
Audio books are very good – I recommend…

Does flavouring work

15 Jul

I have been using Des Shipp expanders they are quite good no pump required
Des recommends flavouring , of course he does that’s his job but do you…

What would you use this float for

13 Jul

Attachment 7132 (

Its a 2.0g pencil float with a wire stem
I bought it to…

fishing over depth

8 Jul

For some reason I never do this , I think I disliked the thought of deep hooking perch.

So I normally try and fish dead depth but it occurs to me…

Well I’ll be jiggered

29 Jun…

Priming the swim

29 Jun

I see a lot of successful commercial match anglers on you tube who advocate feeding a swim ideally for a couple of hours before fishing it, usually…