Best carp rucksack/carryall

29 Oct

I am looking for a carryall or rucksack or bag to carry my carp tackle(small items-rig wallet, tackle box, leads etc. Any suggestions?

Supermarket baits

27 Oct

Have always used vac pac deals from the tackle shop. Am I missing a trick and should I look at supermarket fish counters?

Dead bait Rods

20 Oct

I am sure this has been asked before but, do you need specialist rods for dead baiting?
I currently use Shimano Tribal Velocity 3.25 tics, and they…

Fly fishing set up

17 Oct

FOR SALE: Full fly set up, Airflo 9ft6in 7weight fly rod, unused in tube, Shakespere Agility2 9ft 7 weight rod, 2 Greys GTS 500reels 3 spool on each…


17 Oct

Hi, can you please suggest the best indicators available? Cheers.