Getting back into it.

3 Aug

Hi everyone

Used to fish with my dad a little when I was a kid I’m 49 now.
But this last year or so I have been fishing on site lakes etc when…

First thing all fishermen learn

5 Sep

Ducks are all annoying *******s!!!!

set up…. no ducks woohoo! 🙂

10 minuted later splash…. 1….2…3….4…5…..OMFG
noisy… chasing…

Another line strength question

4 Sep

Been fishing just over 12 months and i bought 2 reels of line… 6llb and 13llb (2 rods set up with each)

I originally thought this meant thats…

Hello fish fanciers :)

3 Sep

Hi Everyone,

48 year old bloke from Milnrow NE of Manchester.
Gamer, Sports fan, Biker and now apparently a fisherman 😀

Im not just new to…