Angler paradise

9 Jun

I know not posted for a fair few months but one thing leads to another I have not been fishing since last September. But me and old chap having a…

Bait tray / table

11 Jan

I’m a chair angler and I use a jrc x lite which is fairly low . But while fishing the waggler on lakes I still find the need to have bait in boxes…

Acolyte rods ??

5 Jan

Have been thinking about these rods and been in a tackle shop for a look and wiggle and I like them all !

I want a float rod with a bit of power…

Specimen float rod

5 Nov

Hi all not posted for a while been busy with life comitments and the like .

I’m on the hunt again for a specimen float rod mainly for tench and…

1st trip out of the spring

5 Apr

Had a free morning , so i decided to try my luch down my local club lake in lechlade . Decided to go with a medium guru hybrid feeder loaded with a…

Jrc x lite chair

28 Feb

I know i seen peoole talking about these in the past but being lightweight and fairly cheap how comfortable are they and strong? Im a fairly big…

Cannal groundbait

21 Feb

Going on cannal this weekend after roach and perch and perhaps a ruffe if any turn up .

What is a good groundbait to use or is it best not use a…


16 Feb

Im getting fed up wity tangles when feeder fishing with running cage or maggot feeder . When i use a lead not so much of a problem . Tried casting to…

Scalding pellets

8 Feb

Never tried scalding pellets but it got brought to my attention . Was planning to use on the method but want to break up after 1/2 hour ish . Was…