Fishing off the bottom?

22 Apr

As in the bait just sitting there suspended in midwater. I normally fish on the bottom, or on the drop with plenty of recasting.

Would the bait…

Pulla bung with solid elastics?

19 Apr

Hi all,
So I’m going to fit my last remaining top kit with some middy solid 14-16 elastic. I find I loose a touch of control with the 10-12 when…

Runnings v semi-fixed. Popularity

13 Apr

I’ve always used a free running lead when carp fishing. I tend to use a heavy 3 inch gripper lead and semi-slack lines.
In terms of popularity, what…

Cheap groudnbait for silverfish

12 Apr

Can anyone please recommend me a cheap groudbait to use when fishing for silvers? I use Vitalin for carp fishing, but I believe that it would be…

How important are cupping kits?

6 Apr

I know they allow you to feed very accurately, but will this mean more fish in the bag?

I normally just bowl a few groundbait balls into the swim…

How to bait up for Roach

5 Apr

Any tips on how to bait up for a big bag of Roach and skimmers? I normally use vitalin for my carping, but I feel this might be a bit overkill for…

Fishing ‘wild’ lakes?

2 Apr

For me, fishing the rivers and canals is where I like to spend my time. My preference is to fish for wild, non-stocked and uncaught fish – which is…

A simple pole rig? Noob here

29 Mar

Hi guys,

So I have fished general coarse for the last 14 years, as well a few years fly fishing.

Recently I bought my first ever pole: an 8m…