Fish Nicknames

24 Jan

Bream – Snotty
Larger bream – dustbin lid
Chub – Chevin
Small eel – bootlace
Perch – The Sergeant, Stripey

For small pike we say ‘Jack’. I…

Pellets advice

23 Oct

Never tried pellets before but i picked up some 8mm ones to try in my ongoing battle to catch something larger than the little rudd in my local pond….

Bread groundbait question

21 Oct

I have access to stale bread most days but i can’t be doing with all the palaver of liquidising, as it always seems to overheat the machine. Is there…

Fishing superstitions

20 Jul

Setting up your net already mate? *inhales sharply through teeth*

Lucky hat? Lucky float? Magpie looks at you funny so you salute it?

What are…