Pre-tied hook links.

2 Sep

Does anyone know how these are manufactured – by machine or by hand or maybe a bit of both. I tried a brief search on the internet but nothing came…

Zig rigs

11 Aug

I note that Zig rigs with the foam lure set several feet off the bottom seem to be a popular and successful method for catching carp in the summer….

Meshed meat

1 Jul

Hi, I just watched a YouTube video showing how to encase a luncheon meat in Fox Arma Mesh and hair rig it as you would a large pellet. The aim was to…

Method feeder in Rivers

5 Jun

In slow flowing rivers is the method feeder more, less or just as effective as a standard cage feeder rig? I would value your thoughts, and yes I do…

Trotting deadbaits

3 Jan

Tomorrow I intend to give dead baiting for pike a go along a stretch of a small river I have not fished before. It seems to be fairly featureless;…

Early mornings

5 Dec

In winter is it worth getting to your chosen venue at or just before dawn when fishing for pike with deadbaits or lures? Any difference between…

Maggots + Hemp

3 Sep

I have just watched a youtube video of a guy trotting for barbel on a fairly shallow ca. 4-5 ft fast flowing river. He recommended little and often…

Braid plus mono

13 Aug

I am about to give trotting with a centre pin a go for the first time and on looking for guidance on the internet have come across videos in which…

Hook seam and knotless knot

28 Sep

When using the knotless knot to make a hook link with a hair do you ensure that you wind the line around the shank in such a way that when you pass…

Balls or bait dropper

26 Sep

I am off to fish for barbel on new venue tomorrow which is quite a small river and was thinking of investing in a bait dropper never having used…